A rich, heady fragrance​.

The Millésime Oud Wa Vanillia - Oud and Vanilla - carries in it the character of the Oud of Thailand and the warmth of the Vanilla of Madagascar. Our perfumers have given birth to a powerful and captivating blend with heavily woody and amber accents.


Jasminum grandiflorum is a dark green-leaved climbing vine, renowned for the soft flowery fragrance of its tiny delicate white and pink tinged flowers. Nowadays, this variety is primarily grown in India and Egypt. Jasmine Absolute from Egypt has more animal notes than its Indian counterpart. 



The vanilla pods are the fruit of a plant from the orchid family. They are harvested when still fresh and then dried for several months to allow their warm, sweet, sugary, smooth, smoky perfume to develop with details evoking wood, spices and tobacco. The pods are then extracted using a volatile solvent to release the vanilla absolute.



This is a dark, very pungent yet pleasant, complex resin that is quite unlike anything else in nature, which develops in trees (Aquilaria) infected with a fungus. Its scent can be described as having woody, animal, smoky and spicy notes. 


In the heart of the Grands Crus Collections, our perfumers draw their inspiration from rare and precious ingredients, rigorously selected to create Millésimes Collection. 

The fragrance is artistically interpreted on a precious glass bottle with 18-carat gold silkscreen printing and does so expressing a strong personality and revealing the authenticity of the encapsulated juice.

Eau de Parfum - Capacity : 100ml - Concentration 20%


Each individual Millesime makes its own statement through its olfactory identity that combines exception with elegance and refinement.

Extended steeping in our vats ensures that each Grand Cru releases its character, intensity and personality. The quality of the selected essences and their concentration ensure exceptional lasting power on the skin.


Our Millesimes are developed taking as much care as is taken with the best wines.
To preserve all the qualities of your fragrance, keep your perfume in a cool place, away from light and heat sources.
Keep the bottle upright and avoid over-frequent exposure of its contents to the ambient air.

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