The simplicity of a botanical perfume.

A subtle, bold candle - Burn time : approximately 35h.


The "petitgrain" name was originally used to designate small green bitter orange fruits. The tree which is grown in Paraguay to produce petitgrain essential oil is a hybrid between a bitter orange and a sweet orange. Harvesting from the branches is carried out from June to January and the leaves are always directly distilled. The resulting essential oil is green and floral, with a smell reminiscent of orange blossom.



Black pepper is obtained by drying almost ripe peppercorns, so that they turn from green to black. Fermentation concentrates the aromas and releases all the pepper's aromatic power. Pepper from Madagascar takes the form of small black, wrinkled peppercorns that are highly aromatic, with warm notes, fresh notes of acidic unripe fruit.



France is one of the main suppliers of lavender. It grows at altitudes from 600 m above sea level. The lavender is harvested then dried for two to three days before being distilled. The advantage of this process is that it heightens the lavender's coumarin (contained in its composition) and sweet amber aspects. 


The candles Grands Crus were born from the desire to offer every home a unique atmosphere through the subtle use of fragrance

Their refined accords faithfully express their ingredients of the finest quality.

The Bougies Grands Crus Collection marries plant and mineral waxes.

Plant wax gives the candle a better burn. Mineral wax holds in fragrance, allowing it to be released effusively.

Candle weight 180g - Fragrance concentration in the wax: 10% - Burn time: 35h


The Grands Crus collection of perfumes has been adapted for candle use. 
Some of the initial raw materials do not burn, so the blends have been reworked to produce the best match to the original fragrance. 
The fragrances are of high quality and can be equally well reproduced when hot or cold. Nonetheless the candle will reveal all the perfume's character when it is lit. 


Do not place your candle in a draught, but keep doors and windows shut. 
If the wick is longer than about 1 cm, the flame will be too big and will probably produce black smoke, so check the wick before you light the candle. Cut it if you need to.

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